E-Learning Program

One of the strongest programs offered at The ICenter is the E-Learning Program. The E-Learning Program allows the opportunity for volunteers to communicate with participants overseas to strengthen their English language skills through one-on-one written correspondence.

The conversational format of the program helps the students learn English in a more natural way that mimics how one might learn in an immersion setting.

Check out what some mentors have to say about it:

“The E-learning Program is a fun and easy way to make new friend, while sharing English.” – Paula Mantel

“Keeps me on my toes figuring out what the student is saying, and limiting my response. I tend to be talkative!! I truly enjoy being a part of this program.” – Gwen Heliker

“This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with someone from another country, share our cultures and exchange ideas…it is certainly fun.” – Jamie Jameson

“It’s a great way to stay active in education programs and I can be involved while traveling.” – Susan Higgins

“I like the mentoring program because it is a win-win program. The students enjoy it and the mentors feel like they’re doing  fun and educational thing.” – Kathryn Kato

“I enjoy corresponding with the students as they are interesting.” – June Nakata

“I enjoy keeping in touch with someone from Japan. My favorite place to visit!” – Ann Akagi

“I enjoy helping the students to stop learning “about” English and start appreciating English as something useful in their own lives.” – Tom Steele

If you’re interested in learning more about our e-mentors program our ICenter founder, Mae Mendelson, alongside Hiro Kato and Janet Morse co-authored the book: An Intergenerational E-Learning Program Connecting Hawai’i and Japan


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