About Us

The Intergenerational Center at Chaminade University of Honolulu

The Intergenerational Center at Chaminade brings older adults and young people together to share learning, community service and life experience.

Our vision: a community where all generations learn and thrive together

Mission: The Intergenerational Center at Chaminade enriches the lives of young and old by bringing the generations together for volunteer service, travel and lifelong learning opportunities.

About Chaminade University of Honolulu


Chaminade University, the only Catholic University in Hawai`i, provides a rich educational experience for individuals to grow professionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Chaminade promotes individual development through the following: (1) academic excellence; (2) professional preparation; (3) close involvement with professors and classmates; (4) a supportive, vibrant campus atmosphere; (5) opportunities to contribute to society while still in school; and (6) multicultural awareness and understanding.

With 23 undergraduate and six graduate programs serving a total of 3,000 students, Chaminade has a strong track record of helping students develop a commitment to service and individual character. Chaminade’s Intergenerational Center continues this commitment to service to the community.

Among its community programs, Chaminade currently provides:

  • Service-Learning Program: Project SHINE – Chaminade students conduct language and factual tutoring to prepare immigrants, many of whom are seniors, for the naturalization examination. Fifty (50) Chaminade University service learning students assist in developing community gardens in Papakolea.
  • An annual nonprofit conference through Chaminade’s Business and Hogan Entrepreneurs programs.  This conference, backed by not-for-profits and several local banks, offers monetary prizes and hours of free consulting donated by faculty and local business and private consultants for the top three not-for-profit business plans.
  • Participation in the Parents Behind Bars program. Chaminade undergraduate and graduate students provide many hours of mentoring for children whose parents are incarcerated.

These are just three of the 300-plus University programs that touch the lives of over 3,000 people in Hawai’i and the Pacific Region. Chaminade’s commitment “to be a community that looks beyond itself and engages in public service, that enriches the life of the wider community” is reflected in its heartfelt, action-oriented approach to serving its communities